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An Indigenous certified business, providing environmental monitoring and management services to central and western Queensland.

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Woongal Environmental Services is a Supply Nation Registered business, that has strong cultural values and is committed to Partnerships with Native Title Groups, Aboriginal Parties and other Indigenous Businesses.

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Environmental Management

What is the environment? It is the whole of the surroundings in which an organisation operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, cultural heritage as well as our interactions with, rivers, creeks, oceans, forests, farms, towns and suburbs. Woongal can help with your environmental management by undertaking a process and action of identifying potential environmental issues, hazards, and impacts, from an organisation and then scoping the appropriate mitigation and control measures that can be effectively implemented to achieve sustainable clean outcomes.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring involves the collection of one or more measurements that are used to assess the status of an environment, these include the areas of air quality, soil, surface water quality, ground water, flora and fauna, aquatic ecology, emissions, and heritage. Environmental monitoring is a tool to help assess environmental conditions and trends and examine the risks posed by human activities on the natural environment. In partnership with numerous environmental specialist Woongal is providing a wide set of professional environmental monitoring services.

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Groundwater Monitoring

The appropriate monitoring of groundwater quality and aquifer conditions can help detect contamination before it becomes a problem. The appropriate type of monitoring and the design of the system will depend upon the background hydrology, pollution sources, the population density and the climate of the region.
Woongal offers a variety of groundwater monitoring systems: ambient monitoring, source monitoring, enforcement monitoring, and research monitoring.

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Flora & Fauna

An ecological assessment is an assessment of the likely ecological impacts of a development scheme and is undertaken by a suitably qualified ecologist (CEnvP). It is required when there is a reasonable likelihood that a development will have impacts on ecological features.
With our specialised partners Woongal offers a wide range of quality ecological assessments.

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Soil Sampling

Soil sampling may refer to one or more of a wide variety of soil analysis conducted for Impact Assessment, mine rehabilitation or cropping and grazing management. Soil sampling techniques, timing of sampling and type of analysis need to be considered for accurate results.
Woongal can help you identify the most appropriate soil sampling for your needs.

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Mine Rehabilitation Monitoring

Woongal provides a full range of mine site rehabilitation monitoring services, including geotechnical, erosion and sediment assessments, water quality, ground water, crop coverage, grazing impact, ecological (fauna and flora) assessments, habitat assessments, soil assessments and analysis and compliance with closure criteria.

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